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Cruise ideas in the Caribbean

10 days of cruiz to the Grenadines Islands !!

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The stay include the following excursions :

Little Caribbean cruising guide

Day 0 : Departure for a cruise in The Grenadines

Flights from Europe arrive towards the end of the afternoon in Martinique. At your request, we can organize your transportation from the airport to the marina in Le Marin.

If you arrive late, in the days before your cruise, you have the opportunity to order your supplies on line, which will allow you to save time and leave early the next morning once the boat transfer has taken place.


Day 1 : St. Lucia

Marigot Bay à Sainte Lucie : idées croisières

Once the customs formalities are finished, your cruise sets sail. After four hours of navigation, you will see the island of Saint Lucia where several moorings are possible :

Rodney Bay (24 miles from the marina) the northernmost part of the island is shaded. There you will find a harbor, all the facilities for withdrawing the local currency (Eastern Caribbean Dollars), and complete any customs formalities.

If you arrive late, in the days before your cruise, you have the opportunity to order your supplies on line, which will allow you to save time and leave early the next morning once the boat transfer has taken place.


Day 2: Bequia

In the early morning, you'll raise the anchor to begin navigating the longest part of your cruise between Saint Lucia and Bequia (about 60 miles). This island is the first stepping stone to the Grenadines. While the Saint Vincent canal can be a bit tumultuous at times, you'll soon return to calmer waters along the uninhabited coast of Saint Vincent. This is an ideal moment to have breakfast before arriving at Bequia in the early afternoon.

Once anchored in Admiralty Bay, you can benefit at your leisure from the beach or the charming and colorful village of Port Elisabeth. (A stop at customs will allow your entry).


Day 3: Canouan

After a short voyage, you will arrive in the heart of the Grenadines. Canouan will be the first island of your journey. Depending on weather conditions, you could drop anchor in order to experience the wind in « The Pool », a place whose name is no accident. This mooring, which is only accessible by catamaran, will give you a gorgeous view of the turquoise waters that will greet you in the upcoming days.


Day 4 : Mayreau

Island of Mayero in the Grenadines: cruises ideasJust an hour of navigation will lead you to Mayreau, a tiny island with just under 500 inhabitants. Anchoring at Salt Whistle Bay will allow you to take full advantage of the sea. A sloping path leads to a small village overseen by an stone church which offers a magnificent panorama over the Tobago Cays. You can wind down your day with a cocktail at Robert's, whose namesake is an emblematic Rasta figure on the island. Many locals provide grilled meals on the beach. Reserving in advance is suggested.


Day 5 : The Tobago Cays

Situated less than two miles from Mayreau, the natural reserve of the Tobago Cays offers you a breathtaking view. Plan ahead for a clear, sunny day in order to fully appreciate the beauty of this place. Several moorings are possible in the lagoon and the local fishermen can prepare freshly caught grilled lobster that you will remember for the rest of your life. In the shallow waters, you will swim in a veritable natural aquarium where you will encounter turtles, rays, and multicolored fish.


Day 6 : Union Island

Clifton Bay: Cruise ideasAfter a last dip, you'll direct yourself towards the Clifton Bay of Union Island (just under 4 miles away) The local market is a must-see and you'll feel the special ambiance of this island within minutes. A short walk will lead you to a very attractive panoramic of the island and its surroundings. Don't hesitate to have a drink at Happy Island, a mini-island turned bar situated behind the coral reef that protects Clifton Bay.



Day 7 : Petit Saint Vincent

Island of Morpion: cruises ideasWe leave Union Island for Petit Saint Vincent (under 4 miles away). This hotel island possesses one of the most beautiful beaches. You will also have the time to take a pause at Palm Island and Morpion Island, tiny sandbanks surrounded by ocean.



Day 8 : Saint Vincent

Volcano of the Soufriere in Saint Vincent: cruise ideasAn early depart towards Saint Vincent (45 miles) where you can anchor in the untouched bay of Cumberland. A boat-boy will lead you to Walilabu in order to complete the disembarking formalities. The depth of the bay requires us to anchor close to the beach then cast a tie around a coconut tree. For the athletic, and depending on the length of your stay, you can organize for a local guide to lead you to the top of the volcano of Saint Vincent.


Day 9 : Back to Martinique

One last long voyage awaits you before you can spend a last day at Saint Anne. You can relax again at Saint Lucia and observe the magical view of the two peaks, the Pitons.


Day 10

Just a half hour separates you from your re-entry point with a mind full of memories. The idea of this non-exhaustive cruise is to show what is possible in 10 days, depending on meteorological conditions. We would be happy to help you prepare your cruise during the handover of the boat.

Little Caribbean cruising guide

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